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Acid Black Cherry:yasu
Date of Birth: January 27th
Blood Type: A

Started 2007 as a solo project by rock band · Janne Da Arc vocalist yasu. Known as ABC.
After doing a secret live at 15 locations nationwide from May 2007, debuted as a single "SPELL MAGIC" on July 18th.
Until now, I have released 19 single, 4 original albums and 3 cover albums, all original works enter Oricon TOP 5.
Acid Black Cherry FREE LIVE 2011 is held in commemoration of the 4th anniversary of ABC debut in July 2011.
Mobilized 40,000 people in 3 locations in Tomei-Osaka. The total number of entries exceeds 160,000.

In his third album "2012" released on March 21, 2012, he recorded his first Oricon Weekly Chart first appearance and became a hit work exceeding 200,000 copies.
The 15th single "Jesus" which is also a recorded song won first place in the 2012 USEN annual J-POP request ranking,
the number of views on youtube exceeds 9.8 million times, etc.
The reason for spreading ABC to the general level It was a song of.

Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live "Erect" was released in July 2013 with the 5th anniversary live tour of the National Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium Performance.
I won the first overall overall in the DVD chart. In addition to the Blu-ray chart, the music club achieved 2 crowns simultaneously.
From August 2013, we started "Proect" Shangri-la "" with the intention of going near and if you have someone who will smile even a bit through the music of ABC ".
This project is to carry out "all prefectures live" while simultaneously releasing "new songs",
which is the pillar of three projects, "at the same time" event to touch with local fans.
All prefectural tours that all venues SOLD OUT mobilized the largest number of themselves,
including the arena tour which was conducted as an additional performance by 180,000 people.

In October 2014, we released the new single "INCUBUS" after the project "Shangri-la" ends.
He earned the second place in the Oricon Weekly chart, but he recorded his own highest initial sales volume while he was looking forward to the album.

On February 25, 2015, we released the fourth album "L-el -" for about three years.
This album is a concept album that intertwined epic stories and music that spelled the life of a woman who spent a life of disturbance,
and it has become more than 200,000 works in half a year, and a storybook is also a book.

Also, 2015 is the eighth anniversary of the debut, so the second ABC Dream CUP is held.
In the summer of 2015, a free live is held in Nagoya, Makuhari, Osaka in summer.
Mobilized a total of 100,000 people and recorded the number of mobilization in Japan as free live.
High quality of the work and outstanding singing ability played by Hightone Voice, live performances are out of the line,
it is very difficult to obtain a live ticket in the current music scene,
the number of CD sales is continuing to grow He is one of the rare artists.

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