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New Release
Acid Black Cherry will enter the 10th anniversary of solo debut from July 18, 2017.
For this memorable 10th anniversary, a spin-off project following the cover plan "Recreation" series is invoked.

Acid Black Cherry yasu has been handling all of lyrics, composition and arrangement until now.
Acid BLOOD Cherry, a project that pours "exciting blood" (= Acid BLOOD) other than yasu into the creative (lyrics, composition, arrangement) of that Acid Black Cherry.
Common name "BLOOD".


CD + DVD, CD ONLY 2 form is released at the same time!

Spin off planning album 「Acid BLOOD Cherry」
Release Date: June 21.2017

AVCD-32272/B Price: 3,000yen(Tax exclusion)
<CD track included>
Total 9 songs to 10 songs inclusive including lead song "BAD BLOOD" will be included

<Contents of DVD contents>
■ BAD BLOOD 【Music Clip】
■ Special dialogue with yasu and participating musicians
· yasu × RYO (defspiral)
· yasu × Tsuyoshi Himura, tatsuo, Noriji Nagano
(Total of 20 minutes scheduled recording)

AVCD-32273 Price:2,500yen(Tax exclusion)

<CD track included>
※It is common with CD tracks of AVCD-32272 / B

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