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Acid Black Cherry:yasu
Date of Birth: January 27th
Blood Type: A

Acid Black Cherry is the solo project of yasu, the vocalist of Janne Da Arc.

yasu grew up listening to Japanese rock and pop music.
The lyrics he writes are in natural and simple Japanese with realistic expressions
that immediately evoke emotions in the listener.

The unique lyrical arrangements of his songs set to original melodies highlight his individualistic style
of singing and clear high tone of voice.
This hasn’t changed since the days he became Janne Da Arc’s vocalist,
and remains the ultimate and unchanged expression of all his potential.

yasu has the abilities of a composer who can express both intense emotions and softer pop elements through his music,
and of a music producer who personally oversees the mixing and mastering of music for all the original songs.
While his songs and live music performances serve as wonderful entertainment,
they also express human feelings―which is what Acid Black Cherry is all about.

Those who are touched by Acid Black Cherry will sense this unpretentious humane, quality,
and will keenly feel the “life” that he tries to convey through Acid Black Cherry.

Acid Black Cherry began performing in the summer of 2007. He performed virtually “secretly,” opening for other acts at small venues―an unheard of practice for an artist of his stature―at 15 locations nationwide between May 6 and June 10, 2007. The finale of that tour was an unannounced live performance held outside Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. The performance attracted some 5,000 people and had to be suspended after only two songs (“Black Cherry” and “SPELL MAGIC”) because of orders from the police. On July 18 of the same year, yasu made a major debut with his first single “SPELL MAGIC”.

Acid Black Cherry then participated in the “SUMMER SONIC 07 OSAKA” on August 12, garnering widespread attention. His much-awaited first album “BLACK LIST” was released the next year on February 20, 2008, followed by a nationwide “BLACK LIST” tour. 27 performances were held at 26 locations across Japan, culminating in the first Budokan performance, a huge success attended by approximately 13,000 people.

“Recreation Track,” that incorporated elements of Japanese rock and pop music, was recorded as a cover song on an Acid Black Cherry record single. The album “Recreation” was also released on May 21 of that year. yasu is particular about cover songs, possibly due to a desire to revive old songs by singing them himself, to keep them alive and sung by future generations. “Recreation 2” was also released in June 2010.

Acid Black Cherry’s second album “Q.E.D.” was released on August 26, 2009, and the “Q.E.D.” tour took place between September 16 and November 2 at 15 locations nationwide. yasu was diagnosed with vocal fold cysts a few days prior to the public dress rehearsal to be held on the first day of the tour. Fans feared that the entire tour would be abandoned, but only one public dress rehearsal was cancelled and the tour was carried out according to schedule. After the tour ended, Acid Black Cherry activities were temporarily suspended to enable yasu to concentrate on medical treatment and recuperate after an operation.

The single “Re:birth” was released on August 18, 2010. By September yasu had recovered completely for the “Re:birth” tour. A total of four performances were held at Nippongashi Hall (Nagoya), Yokohama Arena (performances on two days), and Osaka Jo Hall, tickets for which were all sold out immediately.

In 2011, the fourth anniversary of his debut, yasu held the “ABC Dream Cup” to express his gratitude to his fans. Fans received four give aways: free ringtones of the singles released from 2011 to the beginning of 2012, free live performances for 40,000 people in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, free video downloads of the free live performances, and free music downloads of the 0th single “Because You Are Here”. For the second gift, free live performances for 40,000 people in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka were held in July. 160,000 applications were received for the 40,000 places. Starting from September of the same year, five consecutive single tracks were released each month. With each one of those songs yasu outdid his personal best sales records.

Acid Black Cherry’s third album “2012” was released on March 21, 2012. “2012” went to the top of the Oricon weekly album chart. Like the first album “BLACK LIST,” that was based on the theme of the “seven deadly sins” and the second album “Q.E.D.” (inspired by the Black Dahlia Murder, a murder that occurred in America on January 15th, 1947), “2012” is also a theme-based album that embodies the beliefs that Acid Black Cherry has consistently sung about since he began. Following the release of the album, TOUR 2012 will begin on May 1, with 22 performances scheduled for 21 locations nationwide.

Acid Black Cherry 5th Anniversary Live "Erect" was released in July 2013 with the 5th anniversary live tour of the National Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium Performance. I won the first overall overall in the DVD chart. In addition to the Blu-ray chart, the music club achieved 2 crowns simultaneously.
From August 2013, we started "Proect" Shangri-la "" with the intention of going near and if you have someone who will smile even a bit through the music of ABC ". This project is to carry out "all prefectures live" while simultaneously releasing "new songs", which is the pillar of three projects, "at the same time" event to touch with local fans. All prefectural tours that all venues SOLD OUT mobilized the largest number of themselves, including the arena tour which was conducted as an additional performance by 180,000 people.

In October 2014, we released the new single "INCUBUS" after the project "Shangri-la" ends. He earned the second place in the Oricon Weekly chart, but he recorded his own highest initial sales volume while he was looking forward to the album.

On February 25, 2015, we released the fourth album "L-el -" for about three years. This album is a concept album that intertwined epic stories and music that spelled the life of a woman who spent a life of disturbance, and it has become more than 200,000 works in half a year, and a storybook is also a book.

Also, 2015 is the eighth anniversary of the debut, so the second ABC Dream CUP is held. In the summer of 2015, a free live is held in Nagoya, Makuhari, Osaka in summer. Mobilized a total of 100,000 people and recorded the number of mobilization in Japan as free live. High quality of the work and outstanding singing ability played by Hightone Voice, live performances are out of the line, it is very difficult to obtain a live ticket in the current music scene, the number of CD sales is continuing to grow He is one of the rare artists.

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